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Our Career Opportunities

Unleash your potential with akawan.

Joining akawan means embracing a vision, a mindset, and a set of values that strengthen our teams. We encourage innovation, commitment, and autonomy because we believe it's through these qualities that we can achieve excellence. Joining akawan means joining a dedicated, creative, and passionate team that works together to deliver the best.

Our Benefits

Stimulating Work Environment

akawan places great importance on the work-life balance of its employees. We believe that individual fulfillment depends on daily well-being. We are committed to creating a work environment that promotes this balance.

Technological Innovation

akawan has made innovation the heart of its project. We encourage our employees to push their limits, explore new ideas, and innovate. We believe in their potential and provide them with the necessary opportunities to grow and thrive professionally.

Professional Development

akawan promotes personal development and supports its talents in acquiring new skills. The diversity of missions within akawan offers everyone the opportunity to advance professionally and work on enriching topics.

Respect, Trust, and Inspiration

akawan is a positive work environment where commitment, inspiration, and emulation come together to create an atmosphere conducive to personal and professional growth. We seek to build lasting and positive relationships based on trust and respect.


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