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Our Partners

Let's shape your path to success.

Through our technology partnerships, we have access to additional expertise and resources in key areas. By working closely with them, we are able to explore new ideas, adopt latest technologies and to benefit from specialized know-how.

Our alliances


Accelerating innovation

Since 2020, our alliance with Nvidia sets us apart in the EUC ecosystem, especially for CAD. This collaboration has allowed us to harness the graphics power of virtualized environments, paving the way for artificial intelligence to enrich our customers' digital experience.

akawan Nvidia

VMware by Broadcom

Strengthening innovation

Our long collaboration with VMware is driving advances in virtualization and network transformation essential to hybrid and multi-cloud. Thanks to this solid collaboration, we are able to offer efficient solutions that meet the technological challenges of today and tomorrow.

akawan VMware by Broadcom


Boosting innovation

Our expertise, combined with AWS solutions, enables us to offer advanced, customized and predictive solutions, targeting our customers' most complex and demanding requirements.

akawan AWS

VMware on AWS

Unifying innovation

Our partnership with AWS, leveraging VMware Cloud, enables seamless integration of hybrid cloud environments. This synergy amplifies our ability to offer agile and secure infrastructures, keys to a successful digital transformation.

akawan VMware on AWS


Opening doors to innovation

With Arrow, we access an extensive network of cutting-edge technologies, increasing our flexibility and response to market trends. This collaboration allows us to remain innovative, ensuring our customers receive high-quality solutions.

akawan Arrow

Zerto / Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Ensuring innovation and resilience

Our work with Zerto ensures your business flexibility and resilience, through audits and testing of disaster recovery plans. At the same time, our partnership with HPE enriches our offering in hardware and software solutions, opening you to new technological perspectives.

akawan Zerto / Hewlett Packard Enterprise