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Our Expertise

Innovation at the heart of our tailor-made solutions.

Thanks to our expertise, we accompany you throughout the digital transformation process, identifying improvement opportunities and implementing customized IT solutions for your business. We are here to guide, advise, and support you at every step of this journey towards success.

Our skills


Virtualisation, Cloud


Artificial Intelligence


Development, UX/UI


Cybersecurity, Networks


We work with a range of virtualisation solutions, including those from VMware (vSphere, Horizon, Workspace, VCF, Tanzu...), Rancher and Citrix. We are also continually developing our expertise in the main public cloud services: AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Our expertise


Close to our clients

Our team of highly qualified consultants is ready to tackle the most complex challenges. They work closely with our clients to offer personalised solutions. Their expertise covers a wide range of areas, whether it's modernising your technological infrastructure, developing new applications, or designing digital workspaces; we have the skills and experience needed to assist you throughout the process. They are here to provide our clients with informed advice and in-depth expertise.

akawan Consulting


Advanced technical expertise

Our experts in infrastructure and information systems are essential to the successful implementation of our solutions. Implementing information systems is a complex process that requires technical expertise, a deep understanding of clients' environmental constraints, and the ability to solve problems effectively. They pay attention to the specificities of each situation and adapt solutions accordingly. They demonstrate great responsiveness in identifying and resolving any obstacles that may arise during implementation. By working closely with support teams, they ensure that everyone has the necessary knowledge to effectively address issues once the solution is in production.

akawan Implementation

Project Management

Ensuring efficiency and quality

We provide our clients with Project Managers who have diverse skills to best meet their needs. As conductors and facilitators, they bridge the gap between clients and operational teams. They are responsible for the pace and quality of the project, ensuring that teams have all the necessary elements to deliver the best solution within the established timeline. They enhance the expertise of the experts to ensure agility and autonomy while promoting seamless communication among all stakeholders.

akawan Project Management

Design / Architecture

The foundations of Our Solutions

Our architects play a central role in defining solutions, bringing ideas to life through our technical specialists. They work closely with our clients' teams, regularly exchanging information to understand and meet their functional and technical needs. The security of the solutions we propose is a key concern for our architects, who ensure the integration of best practices in data protection and cybersecurity. They analyse, guide, and take into account the existing environment to reconcile the requirements of all stakeholders. By working in synergy with our technical experts, they provide suitable architecture and support its implementation.

akawan Design / Architecture

Operations / Support

Your daily partner

Our support team embodies the akawan spirit and is the cornerstone of our relationship with our clients. They analyse and listen to your problems, while being able to mobilise our specialists and partners through a well-established synergy within our teams to precisely meet your expectations. Our support comes in various levels, ranging from daily technical assistance to in-depth expertise on specific subjects, along with comprehensive support. Our support teams are responsive and proactive, having a holistic view of projects to address our clients' requests at any time. We are committed to providing quality support, showcasing our expertise and our ability to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

akawan Operations / Supportakawan Operations / Support


Creativity in service to our clients

Our developers play an essential role in bringing to life the solutions designed by our architects. Guided by our Project Managers, they play a key role in this process. Their pragmatic and efficient approach enables them to breathe life into the defined solutions. Our developers leverage their creativity to address our clients' specific needs. Their goal is to ensure that the requested functionalities are reliable, secure, and scalable. Within our company, we encourage agility and knowledge sharing. This allows our developers to consistently deliver optimized solutions to our clients.

akawan Development