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Our Vision

Don’t let IT challenges slow you down.

Our values embody our ambition to provide pragmatic and functional solutions that perfectly address the challenges our clients face. We don't just offer a one-size-fits-all solution; we co create customised solutions with you, specially designed to meet your specific needs.

Our Values


We strive to provide solutions that meet the highest quality standards, so that we can offer our clients impeccable service. Quality lies at the core of our values and standards.


With a dedicated, human-sized team, we ensure complete project oversight, making sure you always have the same points of contact. Our goal is to establish a trusted relationship that enables us to fully understand your challenges and address them effectively.


We make our customers’ problems our own, so that we can better understand and solve them. Our team commits itself actively and over the long term to every project entrusted to us in order to achieve the set objectives.


We strive to create tailored solutions for each client, taking into account all their specific needs. Our approach is flexible, and we can adapt to provide relevant results tailored to their context.


Our Story

akawan our story image Digital Services Agency

Creation of akawan

Digital Services Agency

In 2015, Cyril and Frédéric founded akawan with the goal of creating a technical expertise agency that addresses technological transformations impacting our society. This vision took shape through the establishment of a structure comprising a multidisciplinary team, emphasising direct communication among its members, partners, and clients to provide pragmatic solutions with significant added value for various industries. This approach reflects a shared vision where creativity, expertise, and commitment can help overcome numerous challenges.

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